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Cars on England roads have increased by 700,000 in 2016, with 2.7 million new cars being purchased, taking the total number of cars on our roads to 26.5 million.

The demand for car parking solutions & management is growing rapidly across the UK, whether you’re shopping, visiting the theatre or taking a train the need for professionally managed car park sites has never been greater.

A shortage of spaces can lead to land being abused by unauthorised users, therefore creating a detrimental effect on businesses. For land & property owners, unused land in a prime location can represent a significant financial opportunity that is either realised or missed.

Bus usage continues to fall across two thirds of the UK, the Government continue to incentivise public transport initiatives: park and ride; cycle to work schemes. However, the car remains an integral component of business and family life. So much so that the statistics reveal that in five out of nine English regions, there are now at least one car for every two people.