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In Partnership

Working under a partnership agreement with WTS Property & Parking solutions couldn’t be easier, we manage the whole process. In terms of covering the initial set-up costs this is taken on a case by case basis but finance is available. WTS is a privately funded Limited company with no debts or bank borrowing. WTS are prepared to underwrite all remedial work if the term of the lease justifies the required investment.

Scope of work and operational responsibilities

  • Site audit & proposal
  • Undertake site remedial & construction work
  • Equipment, installation maintenance & management
  • Site promotions, marketing & advertising
  • Contract parking management
  • Provide all support staff
  • Provide transparent financial information & management
  • Forward comprehensive monthly client accounts & payments
  • Manage all site associated expenditure e.g. VAT & BID levies
  • Negotiate & manage business rate payments
  • Manage statutory functions Planning & Highways
  • Provide traffic assessment reports and studies
  • Provide monthly performance reports
  • Engage and manage all stakeholder relationship

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