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Income Generation

We specialise in identifying land and property that is suitable for car parking operations, sites that may currently be left dormant earmarked for future regeneration/development. For our Clients we present a holding strategy that can generate significant additional income from their unused property asset. In relation to the term of the lease or partnership agreement, we can provide flexible options to ensure we do not prohibit or hinder your future development plans.

For established Car Park owners, we are your perfect parking management partner. A trusted knowledgeable operator that is working in your best interests. WTS are quick to respond, simplify complex issues and adopt a straightforward practical solution that allow us to provide an efficient and effective experience.

How to generate income and work with us

WTS straight land/property lease option
Operational management fee
Nominal/reduced lease but to include percentage of overage to the land owner – popular with our public sector partners
Land - straight purchase
Joint venture partnership

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