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We pride ourselves on delivering a value added service that is second to none. At WTS if we open a new site or manage an existing car park operation, we are not just operators that merely empty cash boxes and ticket customers, we are your business partners. Using the data capture available on our equipment, we provide valuable feedback to inform site strategy. Working alongside your internal functions (including Marketing) to identify buyer behaviour, this enables us to maximise financial return. WTS are expert parking interrogation specialists providing regular monthly reports to analysis performance & identify trends.

Parking Charge Notice – Our philosophy

Unlike some other operators we do not look to profiteer from significant revenue that can be raised by issuing Parking Charge Notice (PCN’s). That’s not to say that we don’t police our sites meticulously – we do! Customer reputation and loyalty are the cornerstones of a successful site. However we believe that by conducting our professional site audit, and installing the correct equipment penalising customers can mostly be avoided. On those occasions’ when there is a blatant example by a motorist to ignore rules & conditions and for repeat offenders, then we will act within the British Parking Association guidelines and issue a PCN.

When visiting one of our sites we work hard to ensure that all our customers have a positive experience. When operating under short to medium term contracts WTS are merely custodians of our Clients land & property therefore, above all else it’s imperative that our Clients reputation remains positively intact.

Professional Partners

To ensure all our projects reach a successful conclusion, WTS employ the services of leading planning consultants and traffic assessment specialists to help ensure that an opportunity is correctly evaluated, that delivery is feasible and that the proposed usage sits within the adopted regional/local planning framework. Our expert consultants boast over 30 years’ experience operating across all sectors.

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