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Members of the General Public be our eyes and ears on the ground! Taxi drivers/bus drivers/nurses/demolition workers/teachers & lecturers/cyclists/train drivers/builders.

Review the ‘ideal site locations’ on our website, if you know of spare land or properties that can be adapted to provide car parking in any of these locations then please contact us.

Complete the form on this page.

On submission of your identified site, you will receive a receipt to let you know that we have received your information. If this is an NEW opportunity that has been brought to our attention and a site that has no current or previous relationship with WTS, if we want to take it forward we will inform you. If the site is successfully taken through planning, presents a strong business plan and is opened and operated, we agree to pay you (the finder) a one-off finder’s fee or a % of the monthly income once set-up and management costs have been deducted. This will vary on the value of the site and projected income but payment figures could be considerable, it really is that simple!

WTS do all the hard work, taking the site through planning, establishing a new car park and managing the site so what have you got to lose?


Fees or Commission will only be paid if the following terms and conditions are adhered to:

  • Only includes NEW sites, previously unknown to WTS without prior knowledge OR involvement, including:
    • When negotiations have never taken place between WTS and the Land Owner
    • The site is currently not being reviewed by WTC
    • The site is currently being taken through Planning process by WTS
    • The individual does not have any family relationship with the land owner/property owner. On this occasion a separate agreement will need to be authorised
  • Does not have any direct financial interest with the property or land that is being presented (owner, share holder). On this occasion a separate agreement will need to be authorised
  • Is not a professional agent, employed within the property/land sector thus expected to undertake any such duties under their professional roles & responsibilities. On this occasion a separate agreement will need to be authorised
  • Please note: that recipients of any bonus payments or additional income have a duty to declare such income to HMRC

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